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  29 Jun 2020   Mathilde

The Danish division of the FEI World Cup in dressage will relocate from Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning to Vilhelmsborg. The reason is uncertainty about the assembly rules in October with consequences for both planning and finances


The uncertainty about the assembly rules in October has made it necessary to move the FEI World Cup Dressage event from Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning in October to the National Equestrian Center, Vilhelmsborg near Aarhus. An international event of this size requires a lot of preparation, and for the sake of ticket sales, the organizers have chosen to adhere to the assembly rules applicable until 31 August of a maximum of 500 people.

– The uncertainty, and the severe restriction of the allowed number of spectators in line, make the implementation in the known format financially impossible, and we had no choice but to cancel or move the World Cup qualification this year, says Casper Cassøe, one of the organizers behind the event , and the other organizer, Jens Trabjerg points out that this type of events has extremely difficult working conditions:

– It is perfectly understandable that there are rules on assemblies during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many would like to experience the World Cup qualification live, but of course there is no need to compromise with the audience and the safety and health of the athletes.

The organizers expect the move to cost a six-figure amount but have chosen to invest in maintaining the event in Denmark.

Director of the Danish Equestrian Federation, Morten Rodtwitt states: – The Danish Equestrian Federation praise the event organizers behind World Cup Herning. In a difficult time, they have shown constant care, been creative and, not least, willing to think in positive, alternative solutions. The World Cup is a prestigious tournament that only the very best international event organizers will have the opportunity to hold, so it is crucial that Denmark remains part of this circle. By moving the qualification to Vilhelmsborg, we keep the qualification on Danish soil while taking the necessary health measures, and this is a solution that our federation supports 100%. The same will undoubtedly apply to the Danish dressage riders, who will be more than ready to go for the first World Cup qualification in October.



The World Cup moves to Vilhelmsborg

The organizers have applied to the FEI (International Equestrian Federation) for an exemption to move this year's World Cup qualification to the National Equestrian Centre, Vilhelmsborg near Aarhus. And FEI has granted the dispensation for this season, so that the World Cup series can kick off in Denmark in keeping with tradition.

- With the support of the International Equestrian Federation, FEI, to move the event to Vilhelmsborg, we will again be able to enjoy international dressage at the highest level and enthralling show jumping classes on Danish soil. It is important for the sport at home and abroad that we get started with the international competitions and especially in the World Cup qualification. And we will be able to do so at Vilhelmsborg, says Casper Cassøe, adding:

– The restrictions, in combination with the uncertainty about the rules in October, make Vilhelmsborg the natural and right choice for the location of the World Cup event this year.


Vilhelmsborg has permanent stables, heating and training facilities for horses and riders, and the facilities for the spectators can be scaled to match the current requirements of the authorities. The intimate atmosphere in the show arena provides the opportunity to produce good broadcasting for those around the world who passionately follow the World Cup Series, which is of great importance to the event's sponsors.

– Fortunately, we have received great support from our major sponsors in this particular situation, and we are grateful for the understanding. Of course, the spectacular setting in Jyske Bank Boxen and space for many spectators will be missed this year, and we look forward to returning to Herning in 2021, says Jens Trabjerg.

The host city of Herning and MCH A/S both express regret and understanding of the organizers' decision in this extraordinary situation and look forward to welcoming the World Cup in 2021.

Vilhelmsborg hosted the World Cup finals in dressage in 2000, and the organizers promise that everyone will do their utmost to create a beautiful setting for the World Cup event at Vilhelmsborg this year to the benefit of riders, audiences and TV viewers from all over world.