Langehanenberg and Damsey danced to victory in World Cup Grand Prix.

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  • Langehanenberg and Damsey danced to victory in World Cup Grand Prix.

  20 Oct 2018   AnneM

Saturday afternoon, the highlight of World Cup Herning - Grand Prix in FEI Dressage World Cup started. German top rider, Helene Langehanenberg with Damsey Frh, took the victory ind todays Grand Prix, while the Swedish Tinne Vilhelmson Silfven with Don Auriello were placed second. The Dane, Daniel Bachmann Andersen was also in the top, when he and Blue Hors Zack were placed thrid.

Helen Langehanenberg og Damsey Frh World Cup Grand Prix (2).JPGPhoto: Jens Trabjerg (Organizer World Cup Herning), Magnus Ringmark (SWE – jugde), Helen Langehanenberg and Damsey Frh, Ulrik G. Sørensen from Blue Hors and Ulf Helgstrand from The Danish Equstrian Federation (Credit: World Cup Herning)

The World Cup season jump-started in Jyske Bank Boxen
According to tradition, the World Cup season started in Denmark, and 14 equipages - five Danes, were at the time table. The German Helen Langehanenberg secured the victory with the 16 years old stallion, Damsey, after a ride at 75,652%.

 ”Damsey was very fresh today, but it is very nice that he still is happy and has a lot of energy, and I enjoyed the ride in Boxen today”, Helen Langenhanenberg said.

Placed second in the competition were Swedish Tinne Vilhelmson Silfven and Don Auriello, they were rewarded with 74,065% -the second highest score at today. The Dane Daniel Bachmann Andersen entered top 3 with Blue Hors Zack. The equipage scored 73,826% and was placed third.

“It was a ride with a lot of highlights, but I took some chances and got a few mistakes. Tomorrow I would like to take chances again, but the goal is a ride without mistakes”, Daniel Bachmann said.

Just 20 years old, Victoria Vallentin with Ludweig Der SonnenKönig had her World Cup debut today in Boxen. The young rider and the 12 years old horse had a nice ride and scored 70,978%.

“It was my first World Cup, and I had a nice ride, so I am very happy. I have never ridden in Boxen before, but it is a nice atmosphere, and Ludwig liked to ride in there”, a happy Victoria said afterwards.

Sunday from 14.30, 13 equipages compete again in the arena, where World Cup point is at stake in Grand Prix Kür.

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