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  18 Oct 2019   Mathilde

Today at 17 pm. for the World Cup Herning event, the DWB World Cup Foal Auction will be held in Blue Hors Arena M with a collection of 21 carefully selected DV foals.

This is the second year that the Danish Warmblood is having an auction during the World Cup event in Herning. Here, the season's late born foals get the opportunity to be presented to possible buyers.

This afternoon's presentation of the foals just ended, and this confirmed that this year's foal collection is very remarkable.

Blue Hors Arena M in the MCH Messecenter Herning was stuffed, and all around the pitch, the spectators stood shoulder to shoulder for a brief look at the 21 carefully selected DV foals.

The collection includes 13 dressage foals and eight jumping foals, the foals can be checked out online with a picture, video, descent and a detailed description at the Danish Warmblood Auctions.


Follow the auction live HERE 

If one of the fantastic foals catched your eye call -

Louise Ringsbo at +45 61 67 94 93