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Dressage - Riders info



Welcome to World Cup Herning 2019

Here you will find valuable information World Cup Herning.

Please read this information carefully.



Schedules are now online and you can find them  HERE



All times for training will be published at:

Beside the times for familarization, Hal G will be open for flatwork all day (when there is no vet.inspection) and we have 2 places for lounging in Hal C.



The stables will be open from Tuesday 15/10/2019 12 PM

Access to the stable area will be restricted – use the bracelets from the envelope to get in

Hay and shavings can be ordered at the stable office.
Hay € 18
Shavings € 18

It is possible to collect hay and shavings at all times by the stable office

Horse Inspection

The horse inspection will take place in Hal G as following

Wednesday 16/10/19
16.00 - 16.40 - CDI3*

Thursday 17/10/19
18.00 - 18.40 – CDI AM 

Friday 18/10/19

16.00-16.40 CDI-W 



For the World Cup Grand Prix Friday at 18.00 O’clock

For the World Cup Freestyle Saturday at 16.00 O’clock

For the other classes by computer



We would like to have your music at arrival.



For the World Cup riders:

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner in the VIP

Friday dinner 18.00-20.00

Saturday Lunch 12.00-14.00 and dinner 18.00-20.00

Sunday lunch 12.00-14.00


For the World Cup riders grooms:

Breakfast: You can collect breakfast at the showoffice

At Helpers Café:

Lunch 11.00-14.00

Dinner 17.00-20.00


Health papers

If you will be travelling to countries requiring additional official Horse Inspection and paperwork for the departure from Denmark or if your transporting health papers have expired we will ask you to inform us about this
immediately and no later than Thursday 19/10/2018 at 10 AM
in the show office as we have to request a veterinarian from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration in order for you to be able to leave Denmark with the correct paperwork. A fee of EUR 125 /DKK 937,50 will be imposed

Chief Steward

Chief Steward 

Jaana Alvesparr - - +46 70 40 70 027


The Treating Veterinary

Treating Veterinary 

Jonas Rasmussen - - +45 29 46 70 84



Jack Ray Nielsen and Jeff Paw Ray - +45 40 62 49 10


Smoking Rules

We have to ask you to help us enforce our smoking rules. Smoking in the stables and indoors is strictly forbidden!  Please help us enforce this rule by informing your grooms.



Upon arrival at the show ground correct VAT number has to be delivered in the show office. Otherwise you have to pay the FULL amount of the Danish VAT – please  use the VAT form for this


Show Office

The Show Office will be open daily 1 hour before start of the first class until 1 hour after the termination of the last class.

The telephone number to the Show Office is +45 29 60 68 88

Starting- and result lists will be available - free of charge - at the Show Office. You will also be able to find both starting- and result list on the website as well as on the information displays throughout the showground.  - live results.


World Cup Riders

Dear World Cup Riders,

As you know, last year was the exciting second season of the new FEI Freestyle System. Due to the collective feedback and wishes to continue with the system, we are happy to tell you, that the system will be used once again for the Western European League World Cup Qualifiers.

Your duty is to submit your freestyle floorplan in advance or make sure to talk to us on site at least 24 hours before the start of the freestyle. Submissions or changes later than that unfortunately cannot be included for the given weekend.
We are happy to help you with entering your floorplan and making sure that you get the most out of the system. This takes about 15 minutes. We will suggest some times at the show office. Because of preparation work, we cannot include floorplans submitted or changed later than 24 hours before the start of the freestyle.

Here is some material that helps you to get started:

Address where you can find the Floorplan Creator Tool:
(You will need your FEIID and Password. The easiest is using a laptop to access it.)

Short intro video:

Long manual:

Do not hesitate to come back with any questions or contact us on site to enter your floorplan with us directly!

Before the show, please reach us at
In Herning, please contact my Colleague Daniela at

Best regards from Munich,

We welcome all of you here in Herning